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March 6, 2022

Welcome to the Circle...

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Welcome to the Circle…

This is the very first episode of Forging Fortune. To say that I’m glad you’re here would be quite an understatement. Elated, is more like it. Because I know that you’re not just here, you were drawnhere - that you have an incredible role to fulfill in this pivotal time, that you can feel it, and that gives me hope.

Tune into this first episode as I share about my home, my family, my recurring dream, and my bigger why. I have created this podcast to be a source of activation. When I think of you listening to this now, I think of Spock, Kirk, and Scotty watching you through a portal saying, “There it is, the moment that changed history.”

And so, in this circle, we fan the flames of our passion and desire until they glow hot enough to melt our intangible dreams into their manageable components - so that we may easily make them a reality. From one episode, you will learn how to master and wield your fears, so that you can overcome the objections of the present and create the regenerative systems of the not-at-all distant future. You are the answer we seek. You have the power and the responsibility to hone your intentions to co-create with destiny. You will learn how to forge your fortune - our fortune - in every sense of the word. This is just the beginning.

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