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We have more power than we know

Business owners are in the best position to shape the future for average people. And this is how it's done!

This is what I've been thinking!

I listened to episode one and I am hooked. My heart stirred listening to you and I am so grateful to have connected. I am truly looking forward to being on this journey!

An Entire Movement

Forging Fortune is so much more than just a podcast, IT IS AN ENTIRE MOVEMENT. If you had always felt like you were on the outskirts seeing and noticing things that others didn't. Wanting more and see through the BS of the systems that have been built...THIS PODCAST IS FOR YOU!

We're changing our world, and Mina's at the forefront.

Wow, what an amazing start to an amazing podcast. I listened and re-listened to the first episode because there are so many gems. I CANNOT wait to listen in for more!