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Sept. 21, 2022

Changing What Power Sounds Like with Samara Bay

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Welcome to Episode 16 of Forging Fortune, an inspirational podcast for leaders, liberators, and impact entrepreneurs from around the world. Today’s episode is all about shattering. Shattering the glass ceilings, the old ideals of our world, and creating anew. Today I am truly honored and downright giddy to welcome Samara Bay, dialect coach, podcast host, and author to the podcast. Join us for an earth-shattering conversation about voice as a form of social justice. Warning: This episode is straight FIRE and will activate you and your voice in new and exciting ways. I cannot wait to have Samara back onto the podcast and want to extend a special thank you to her for all that she is and the gifts she continues to bring. 

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Meet Samara Bay

Samara has a BA from Princeton in English & Theater, an MFA from Brown in Acting, and has taught at Pace University in Manhattan, Stella Adler Acting School in Hollywood, and through the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, which holds workshops all around the country. In addition to coaching television & film, she has prepared clients for Broadway & LA theater, UN speeches, televised award show presentations, academic talks, tech pitches, and political ads. In addition to her iHeartRadio podcast, Permission to Speak, her book by the same title is set to launch in February 2023 Crown, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and Penguin UK.

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Samara Bay

Author/ Speaking Coach

Samara Bay is a sought-after speech coach, author, speaker and thought leader whose coaching clients include top actors in Hollywood, C-suite execs and thought leaders, candidates for U.S. Congress, and celebrities presenting at award shows and at the UN. Her debut book, Permission to Speak (Crown, Penguin Random House), is slated for early 2023 and her work on rethinking the sound of power has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Forbes, CBS Sunday Morning, Tamron Hall, Slate, Create & Cultivate and Jezebel. She lives in Los Angeles, with her husband, son and dog, Moxie.