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Aug. 24, 2022

Changing Our Minds About Change

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Welcome to Episode 14 of Forging Fortune, an inspirational podcast for leaders, liberators, and impact entrepreneurs.

if you know me, you know that my life’s mission is to change the world. I want to leave a world where all our institutional shortcomings are relegated to college-level history courses. And the first gains in that mission, I want to see realized in 2000 days. That’s what the 2K Days Project mission incubator for impact entrepreneurs is all about; that’s what everything I do is all about. 

And I realized that the most important thing I can do to serve that mission is to make sure you know what it takes to realize visionary change. 

Because a lot of what we think about changing the world - it’s not true. We’ve built relief-based charity initiatives that do more to serve toxic capitalism than they could ever serve the populations in need. We bypass completely fixable problems like for-profit war, for-profit sick care, and productivity education that sacrifices children’s wellness in the hope that they’ll someday turn a profit for one of the major industrial complexes. All of these, we perpetuate in spite of ourselves, in spite of our actions, because what we believe about actualizing systemic social change just isn’t true.

And now things are completely out of control. 

For a long time, years, I’d gape incredulously and wonder, “are we ever going to learn from our past?” But I’m no longer willing to let that be enough. Because if there’s one thing I know - if there’s one sermon I preach more than any other it’s this: Things can’t change until there’s an alternative. 

So, in this episode, I’m going to dispel 4 pervasive myths about change holding you back. 

Now, I intentionally made this episode pretty short so that you can come back to it as often as you need to. As you’re faced with decisions for your business, decisions around how you will change the world, come back to this episode. Listen again so that you don’t limit yourself by falling for one of these traps. 

The only thing better than an episode like this to come back to, is being part of an inspiring community that can support, encourage, and inspire you when you need them most.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, or if you’re thinking about becoming one, and you want to be sure you’re building a business that matters, come join us in the 2K Days Project. We’re an international community of impact entrepreneurs changing the world by building companies that matter. Come see how it works at www.2kdaysproject.com.

Until next time, please remember that I am so grateful for you. 

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