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March 23, 2022

Are You On The Menu?

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Forging Fortune, an inspirational podcast for visionaries, activists, and future-focused entrepreneurs anywhere between the poles on the life experience spectrum.

I will never forget the moment I gave up on “order.” I am, unfortunately, no stranger to traumatizing experiences. I grew up unwanted, abused, despised by my own family. I sustained myself on faith in the American Dream. I really believed that working hard, staying out of trouble, and getting a good education would lead to happiness, fulfillment, prosperity. I believed it and lived it with all my heart. So, when I didbreak away from poverty - when I got that Big Ten degree, bought the house of my dreams, built my business up to provide a six-figure income, the first thing I wanted to do was jam a wedge in the slamming door of opportunity so others had a chance to get through. So, I volunteered to run for office. 

They immediately fell in love with the power of my story. Headlines read “From Homeless to House: High School DropOut Turned Successful Entrepreneur Seeks Office to Preserve the American Dream.” And they loved the response. They even loved my slogan: “Nobody left behind.” Until they realized I was serious. 

When the campaign ended, I was disappointed, exhausted, and really feeling desperate. Back on the sidelines, I kept fighting for what I believed in - nobody left behind. We either move forward together or stay desperate together. And, no matter what I said, what evidence I presented, what ideas or opportunities I exposed, the consensus never changed - some social and humanitarian issues were expendable…even if they didn’t need to be. But I kept trying and fighting until one day the quiet part was spoken out loud. “You’d have a lot of power here if you’d just calm down.” 

That’s when I realized that those of us with hearts and minds for change aren’t being called to the table to share in shaping the future. We’re being called to the table because we - and the change we champion - are on the menu. And that is where we are starting today. Talking about what it means to be called to the proverbial table. This could get messy.

I invite you to reach out to me via email at hello@minaraver.com. I want to hear from you. To get updates on episodes, tools, and events, visit www.forgingfortune.com to join the email community. And, if you have been inspired by the podcast, please share it with someone you know. This is more than a podcast - it’s a movement. 

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