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What Is the 2K Days Project?

The 2K Days Project Is Born

After fighting for a better, safer world through nearly two decades in activism and politics, host Mina Raver decided to take matters into her own hands by running for office herself. But her 2020 bid for Congress exposed such deep corruption that it proved that progress can’t be made by politicians. Once so hopeful, Mina found herself at the end of her campaign, and the end of her faith, with a decision to make: give up on her vision of a future worth living in, or find another way make it real.


Thus, the 2K Days Project was born. 


What Is the 2K Days Project?

The 2K Days Project is a grassroots-funded research initiative delving into the mechanisms of market-generated social change. Through the 2K Days Project and the National Innovative Business Leaders Society, for-purpose entrepreneurs around the world are working to build, optimize, and popularize social, creative, and technological innovations to create the equitable future politicians won't.


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Our research is the vital missing key that has been unlocking doors for underrepresented innovators with a vision for a better future. We are developing the equitable business models, economic futures, and mentorship programs that can replace the current failing systems, and our members are implementing these systems to build their own companies and realize their dreams of changing the world. 


But we need to know more. This research doesn't happen without you. 


Protest and politics are not enough. We need to create, test, and optimize the systems that support the future we want right now, on our own. And with your help, we can. 


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