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Jan. 25, 2023

2023 In the Stars with Business Astrologer Leslie Tagorda

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For brilliant business leaders building a better world, the stars are on our side this year!

In this episode, business astrologer and avid change maker Leslie Tagorda shares her most in-depth analysis of what is in store astrologically for 2023.

Use this information to align your initiatives to the energy of the cosmos as you plan your launches and growth for this year.

And, just for you, Leslie has gathered all of this year's business astrology forecast in a free, downloadable pdf right here

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Leslie Tagorda


Leslie Tagorda is a Hawaii-born Jewish Filipino Astrologer, entrepreneur, and podcast host. Through healing her Chiron wound around leadership and identity, she’s a professional classical clarinetist, author, podcast host, designer, and the creator of the AstroBrand™ method. She helps changemakers become the luminary leaders they are born to be. Hear more and subscribe to Leslie's podcast, Star Powered, at https://newmooncreative.co/podcast/